Trainings and Games



Every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:15 to 21:00

Training sessions are held at the Meyrin's sports center (centre sportif des vergers), Avenue Louis-Rendu in Meyrin.

Come join us by taking the:
- Tram 14:
 stop at Vaudagne

- Tram 18: 
stop at Hôpital de la Tour

- Car: parking available


Newbies and experienced players are equally welcomed to play XV`s and 7s Rugby with us!

Whether you have never held a rugby ball... or if you are a rugby superstar, as long as you like sports, you are motivated and you want to have fun, you will be welcomed!

You only need sport clothes and shoes... If you don't have any, drop us an email. Surely we'll be able to help.

Just don't forget to bring your smile and motivation! 

Matches calendar

Calendrier des matchs Saturday is RUGBY day !
We play 
12 XV's games during the season, usually on Saturdays.
Home matches are mainly played at: 
Stade des Arbères, Meyrin, Switzerland. 
After the match, both teams get together for the 
Third Half ​for the partEEEEEEY !